High level modelling applications

Suffering from an over-reliance on Excel? Tired of issues with version control and scalability? Unable to confidently make changes due to the lack of testing?

We can translate your system into a web based application, allowing you to benefit from:
  • Highly customizable user interfaces
  • Automation of repeated processes
  • Saving and reuse of models and configuration
  • Correctness of scientific and engineering calculations assured by unit testing.
  • Web development

    Whether you need a rapid MVP for your startup, or a sophisticated, end-to-end product development experience.

    Some of the types of products we can develop include:
  • Full stack MVP/prototypes
  • Progressive web apps
  • APIs
  • Serverless/automation solutions
  • laptop with code
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    Software maintenance

    Many businesses these days rely on custom software for their critical functions but don't have the resource to retain a dedicated, in-house software team.

    We can work with you to develop a service level agreement on a retainer-based maintenance contract to help maintain software and handle minor dependency and deployment issues as they arise.
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